Gaia Sky VR

As of version 2.2.1, we have integrated the VR port into the main desktop code base, and all releases have VR capabilities out of the box.

Gaia Sky VR works with all headsets supporting OpenVR. This includes the Oculus Rift (and S), and the HTC Vive and Vive Pro. If you are using Oculus, make sure that the Oculus Runtime is running before launching Gaia Sky VR. Also, An OpenVR runtime (SteamVR) or a translation library (OpenOVR Open Composite) must be in place.

Running Gaia Sky VR

On Windows, use the file gaiaskyvr.exe in the Gaia Sky installation folder (C:\Program Files\GaiaSky\) to launch Gaia Sky VR.

On Linux and macOS, enable VR mode using the -vr argument:

$  gaiasky -vr

More information

Check out the file here for more information.