Gaia Sky supports the loading and visualization of datasets of different nature.

Loading datasets

Datasets can be loaded into Gaia Sky by three different means:

In order to load a dataset, click on the folder icon load-dataset-icon in the controls window and choose the file you want to load. Right now, .csv (Comma-Separated Values) and .vot (VOTable) formats are supported through the STIL library. Please, see the STIL data provider section for more information on how to prepare the datasets for Gaia Sky.

Managing datasets

All datasets currently loaded are displayed in the Datasets pane of the controls window. A few actions can be carried out directly from that pane:

  • eye-s-on - Toggle the visibility of the dataset

  • prefs-s-icon - Open the dataset preferences window

  • bin-s-icon - Delete (unload) dataset

  • highlight-s-off - Highlight the dataset using the current color and particle size. The color can be changed by clicking on the icon just above of this icon, and the particle size factor can be adjusted in the dataset preferences window.

Dataset preferences

Clicking on the preferences icon prefs-s-icon, a few extra settings can be adjusted:

  • Size increase factor - Scale factor to apply to the particles when the dataset is highlighted.

  • Make all particles visible - Raises the minimum opacity to a non-zero value when the dataset is highlighted.

  • Filters - Allows for the creation of arbitrary selection filters by setting conditions (rules) on the particle attributes. Several rules can be defined, but only one type of logical operator (AND, OR) is possible.