The configuration file

There is a configuration file which stores most of the configration settings of Gaia Sky. This section is devoted to these seetings that are not represented in the GUI but are still configurable. The configuration file is located in $GS_CONFIG/ (see folders). The file is annotated with comments specifying the function of most properties. However, here is an explanation of some of the properties found in this file that are not represented in the GUI.

  • data.limit.mag – this contains the limiting magnitude above which stars shall not be loaded. Not all data loaders implement this. It is now deprecated.

  • scene.octree.maxstars – the maximum number of stars loaded at a time from LOD (octree-backed) catalogs. Increase this to allow for more stars to be loaded. When this number is hit, the application unloads old, unobserved octants.

  • program.debuginfo – if this property is set to true, some debug information will be shown at the top right of the window. This contains information such as the number of stars rendered as a quad, the number of stars rendered as a point or the frames per second. This can be activated in real time by pressing Ctrl + d.

  • controls.blacklist – list of game controllers to ignore.