Class Orbit

    • Field Detail


        protected static final float ANGLE_LIMIT
        Threshold angle

        protected static final float SHADER_MODEL_OVERLAP_FACTOR
        Special overlap factor
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • alpha

        public double alpha
      • localTransformD

        public Matrix4d localTransformD
      • transformFunction

        public Matrix4d transformFunction
      • provider

        protected java.lang.String provider
      • multiplier

        protected java.lang.Double multiplier
      • onlybody

        protected boolean onlybody
      • newmethod

        public boolean newmethod
      • refreshing

        public boolean refreshing
        Refreshing state
      • elemsInGpu

        public boolean elemsInGpu
        Orbital elements in gpu, in case there is no body
      • pointColor

        public float[] pointColor
        Point color
      • pointSize

        public float pointSize
        Point size
    • Constructor Detail

      • Orbit

        public Orbit()
    • Method Detail

      • initOrbitMetadata

        public void initOrbitMetadata()
      • updateLocalTransform

        protected void updateLocalTransform​(java.time.Instant date)
      • addToRenderLists

        protected void addToRenderLists​(ICamera camera)
        Description copied from class: AbstractPositionEntity
        Adds this entity to the necessary render lists after the distance to the camera and the view angle have been determined.
        addToRenderLists in class Polyline
      • setSize

        public void setSize​(java.lang.Float size)
        Sets the absolute size of this entity
        size -
      • setPointsize

        public void setPointsize​(java.lang.Long pointsize)
      • setPointsize

        public void setPointsize​(java.lang.Double pointsize)
      • setPointcolor

        public void setPointcolor​(double[] color)
      • getProvider

        public java.lang.String getProvider()
      • setProvider

        public void setProvider​(java.lang.String provider)
      • setTransformFunction

        public void setTransformFunction​(java.lang.String transformFunction)
      • setMultiplier

        public void setMultiplier​(java.lang.Double multiplier)
      • setOnlybody

        public void setOnlybody​(java.lang.Boolean onlybody)
      • setNewmethod

        public void setNewmethod​(java.lang.Boolean newmethod)
      • mustAddToIndex

        public boolean mustAddToIndex()
        Description copied from class: SceneGraphNode
        Whether to add this node to the index
        mustAddToIndex in class SceneGraphNode
        True if the node needs to be added to the index.