Interface IAggregationAlgorithm

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BrightestStars, BrightestStarsSimple

    public interface IAggregationAlgorithm
    Interface to be implemented by all algorithms that create a group of virtual particles for an octant.
    • Method Detail

      • sample

        boolean sample​(java.util.List<ParticleGroup.ParticleBean> inputStars,
                       OctreeNode octant,
                       float percentage)
        Creates the sub-sample from the given input stars. All these stars should be in the box defined by the center and the sizes.
        inputStars - The actual stars that are inside the octant.
        octant - The octant that characterizes the box with its center, size and depth well set.
        percentage - The percentage of objects to be included in the octant.
        True if we are in a leaf.
      • getMaxPart

        int getMaxPart()
        Gets the maximum number of particles in a single node
        maximum number of particles in a node
      • getDiscarded

        int getDiscarded()
        Returns the number of discarded stars by this algorithm so far.
        The number of stars discarded.
      • getMaxDepth

        int getMaxDepth()
        Returns the max depth setting.
        The max depth