Class ImmediateRenderSystem

    • Method Detail

      • createMeshData

        protected int createMeshData()
        Creates a new mesh data object and adds it to the first available index in the meshes array
        The index of the new mesh data in meshes
      • clearMeshData

        public void clearMeshData​(int i)
        Clears the mesh data at the index i
        i - The index of the mesh data to remove
      • initShaderProgram

        protected abstract void initShaderProgram()
      • initVertices

        protected abstract void initVertices()
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
      • ensureTempVertsSize

        protected void ensureTempVertsSize​(int size)
        This function makes sure that the tempVerts array has at least the given size. After calling this function, the elements of tempVerts may have been cleared.
        size - The size to ensure
      • color

        public void color​( color)
      • color

        public void color​(float r,
                          float g,
                          float b,
                          float a)
      • color

        public void color​(double r,
                          double g,
                          double b,
                          double a)
      • color

        public void color​(float colorBits)
      • vertex

        public void vertex​(float x,
                           float y,
                           float z)