Class CosmicRuler

    • Constructor Detail

      • CosmicRuler

        public CosmicRuler()
      • CosmicRuler

        public CosmicRuler​(java.lang.String name0,
                           java.lang.String name1)
    • Method Detail

      • addToRenderLists

        protected void addToRenderLists​(ICamera camera)
        Description copied from class: SceneGraphNode
        Adds this entity to the necessary render lists after the distance to the camera and the view angle have been determined.
        addToRenderLists in class SceneGraphNode
      • getName0

        public java.lang.String getName0()
      • setName0

        public void setName0​(java.lang.String name0)
      • getName1

        public java.lang.String getName1()
      • setName1

        public void setName1​(java.lang.String name1)
      • rulerOk

        public boolean rulerOk()
      • hasAttached

        public boolean hasAttached()
        Returns true if the ruler is attached to at least one object.
        Ture if the ruler is attached.
      • hasObject0

        public boolean hasObject0()
      • hasObject1

        public boolean hasObject1()
      • renderText

        public boolean renderText()
        Description copied from interface: I3DTextRenderable
        Tells whether the text must be rendered or not for this entity
        Specified by:
        renderText in interface I3DTextRenderable
        True if text must be rendered
      • textColour

        public float[] textColour()
        Description copied from interface: I3DTextRenderable
        Returns an array with the text colour in the fashion [r, g, b, a]
        Specified by:
        textColour in interface I3DTextRenderable
        Array with the colour
      • textScale

        public float textScale()
        Description copied from interface: I3DTextRenderable
        Returns the text scale for the scale varying in the shader
        Specified by:
        textScale in interface I3DTextRenderable
        The scale
      • isLabel

        public boolean isLabel()
        Description copied from interface: I3DTextRenderable
        Is it a label or another kind of text?
        Specified by:
        isLabel in interface I3DTextRenderable
        Whether this is a label
      • notify

        public void notify​(Events event,
                           java.lang.Object... data)
        Specified by:
        notify in interface IObserver