Class GenericCatalog

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable, IStarContainer, IPosition

    public class GenericCatalog
    extends FadeNode
    Represents a generic catalog of entities. This entity loads catalog data given a provider and a file, initializes them and adds them as children.
    • Field Detail

      • description

        protected java.lang.String description
      • provider

        protected java.lang.String provider
        Fully qualified name of data provider class
      • datafile

        protected java.lang.String datafile
        Path of data file
      • ds

        protected ds
        STIL data source, if no data file exists
      • clusters

        protected com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<? extends SceneGraphNode> clusters
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenericCatalog

        public GenericCatalog()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize​(boolean dataLoad,
                               boolean createCatalogInfo)
      • doneLoading

        public void doneLoading​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
        doneLoading in class FadeNode
      • setUp

        public void setUp()
        setUp in class FadeNode
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(java.lang.String description)
      • getProvider

        public java.lang.String getProvider()
      • setProvider

        public void setProvider​(java.lang.String provider)
      • getDatafile

        public java.lang.String getDatafile()
      • setDatafile

        public void setDatafile​(java.lang.String datafile)
      • setDataSource

        public void setDataSource​( ds)