Class ElevationComponent

  • public class ElevationComponent
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains the parameters and functions for procedural elevation
    • Constructor Detail

      • ElevationComponent

        public ElevationComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • generateElevation

        public Pair<float[][],​> generateElevation​(int N,
                                                                                        int M,
                                                                                        float heightScale)
      • initOctaves

        public void initOctaves()
        Initialize the octave frequencies and amplitudes with the default values if needed
      • setNoiseType

        public void setNoiseType​(java.lang.String noiseType)
      • setNoiseOctaves

        public void setNoiseOctaves​(double[][] octaves)
        Sets the noiseOctaves as a matrix of [frequency,amplitude]
        octaves - The noiseOctaves
      • setNoisePower

        public void setNoisePower​(java.lang.Double power)