Class MaterialComponent

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    public class MaterialComponent
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements IObserver
    A basic component that contains the info on a material.
    • Field Detail


        public static final java.lang.String GEN_HEIGHT_KEYWORD
        Generated height keyword
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • textureParamsMipMap

        protected static final com.badlogic.gdx.assets.loaders.TextureLoader.TextureParameter textureParamsMipMap
        Default texture parameters
      • textureParams

        protected static final com.badlogic.gdx.assets.loaders.TextureLoader.TextureParameter textureParams
        Default texture parameters
      • texInitialised

        public boolean texInitialised
      • texLoading

        public boolean texLoading
      • base

        public java.lang.String base
      • specular

        public java.lang.String specular
      • normal

        public java.lang.String normal
      • night

        public java.lang.String night
      • ring

        public java.lang.String ring
      • height

        public java.lang.String height
      • ringnormal

        public java.lang.String ringnormal
      • baseUnpacked

        public java.lang.String baseUnpacked
      • specularUnpacked

        public java.lang.String specularUnpacked
      • normalUnpacked

        public java.lang.String normalUnpacked
      • nightUnpacked

        public java.lang.String nightUnpacked
      • ringUnpacked

        public java.lang.String ringUnpacked
      • heightUnpacked

        public java.lang.String heightUnpacked
      • ringnormalUnpacked

        public java.lang.String ringnormalUnpacked
      • specularIndex

        public float specularIndex
      • reflection

        public float[] reflection
      • heightScale

        public java.lang.Float heightScale
      • heightSize

        public com.badlogic.gdx.math.Vector2 heightSize
      • heightMap

        public float[][] heightMap
      • coloriftex

        public boolean coloriftex
        Add also color even if texture is present
    • Constructor Detail

      • MaterialComponent

        public MaterialComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
      • initialize

        public void initialize()
      • isFinishedLoading

        public boolean isFinishedLoading​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
      • isFL

        public boolean isFL​(java.lang.String tex,
                            com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
      • initMaterial

        public initMaterial​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager,
                                                                   IntModelInstance instance,
                                                                   float[] cc,
                                                                   boolean culling)
      • initMaterial

        public initMaterial​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager,
                                                                   float[] cc,
                                                                   boolean culling)
      • setBase

        public void setBase​(java.lang.String base)
      • setSpecular

        public void setSpecular​(java.lang.String specular)
      • setSpecular

        public void setSpecular​(java.lang.Double specular)
      • setNormal

        public void setNormal​(java.lang.String normal)
      • setNight

        public void setNight​(java.lang.String night)
      • setRing

        public void setRing​(java.lang.String ring)
      • setRingnormal

        public void setRingnormal​(java.lang.String ringnormal)
      • setHeight

        public void setHeight​(java.lang.String height)
      • setHeightScale

        public void setHeightScale​(java.lang.Double heightScale)
      • setColoriftex

        public void setColoriftex​(java.lang.Boolean coloriftex)
      • setReflection

        public void setReflection​(java.lang.Double reflection)
      • setReflection

        public void setReflection​(double[] reflection)
      • hasHeight

        public boolean hasHeight()
      • disposeTextures

        public void disposeTextures​(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
        Disposes and unloads all currently loaded textures immediately
        manager - The asset manager
      • notify

        public void notify​(Events event,
                           java.lang.Object... data)
        Specified by:
        notify in interface IObserver
      • getTexturesString

        public java.lang.String getTexturesString()
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        toString in class java.lang.Object