Class NumericalAttitudeDataServer<A extends Attitude>

  • Type Parameters:
    A - type of Attitude this server is serving
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class NumericalAttitudeDataServer<A extends Attitude>
    extends BaseAttitudeDataServer<A>
    This abstract class defines the fields and implements the methods that any numerically defined attitude need in addition to those in the superclass.
    • Field Detail

      • gtis

        protected GtiList gtis
        List of good time intervals
    • Constructor Detail

      • NumericalAttitudeDataServer

        public NumericalAttitudeDataServer()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public abstract void initialize()
        Any numerical attitude needs to be initialized
        java.lang.RuntimeException - initialization fails
      • isValid

        public boolean isValid​(long t)
        Check if the there is a valid attitude at a given time
        t - time
        true if the attitude is valid for time t
      • getGtis

        public GtiList getGtis()
        Get the set of good time intervals for the spacecraft attitude. Note that this may not be the same as the times for which an attitude is defined in the input data; an implementation may censor time periods, for example when the attitude uncertainty is higher than a defined threshold.
        the set of attitude Good Time Intervals
      • getStartTime

        public long getStartTime()
        start time of this attitude segment - this is the earliest time at which attitude can be requested
      • getStopTime

        public long getStopTime()
        end time of this attitude segment - this is the latest time at which attitude can be requested