Class RungeKuttaNs

  • public class RungeKuttaNs
    extends java.lang.Object
    Provides an implementation of the Runge-Kutta method for solving single or sets of ordinary differential equations (ODEs).

    A set of ODEs are supplied by means of the interface DiffnFunction.

    This class is taken from the Java library developed by Michael Thomas Flanagan available at

    NOTE: This is for RSLS use only - do not use in any other software

    • Constructor Detail

      • RungeKuttaNs

        public RungeKuttaNs()
    • Method Detail

      • fourthOrder

        public static double[] fourthOrder​(DiffnFunctionNs g,
                                           long tOld,
                                           double[] y0,
                                           long tNew,
                                           long tStepMax,
                                           long tUnit)
        Returns the value of y at a given value of x (xn) for a set of ordinary differential equation (ODEs)
        g - an implementation of DiffnFunction describing a set of Ordinary Differential Equations
        tOld - the initial value for t
        y0 - the initial value for y
        tNew - the value of t where we want to know y
        tStepMax - the initial step size
        tUnit - the time unit used for the derivatives
        the value of y at xn