Class LightScattering

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class LightScattering
    extends PostProcessorEffect
    Light scattering implementation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • LightScattering

        public LightScattering​(int fboWidth,
                               int fboHeight)
    • Method Detail

      • dispose

        public void dispose()
      • setLightPositions

        public void setLightPositions​(int nLights,
                                      float[] vec)
        Sets the positions of the 10 lights in [0..1] in both coordinates
      • setLightViewAngles

        public void setLightViewAngles​(float[] vec)
      • setBaseIntesity

        public void setBaseIntesity​(float intensity)
      • setBaseSaturation

        public void setBaseSaturation​(float saturation)
      • setScatteringIntesity

        public void setScatteringIntesity​(float intensity)
      • setScatteringSaturation

        public void setScatteringSaturation​(float saturation)
      • setBias

        public void setBias​(float b)
      • enableBlending

        public void enableBlending​(int sfactor,
                                   int dfactor)
      • disableBlending

        public void disableBlending()
      • setDecay

        public void setDecay​(float decay)
      • setDensity

        public void setDensity​(float density)
      • setWeight

        public void setWeight​(float weight)
      • setNumSamples

        public void setNumSamples​(int numSamples)
      • setBlurPasses

        public void setBlurPasses​(int passes)
      • setBlurAmount

        public void setBlurAmount​(float amount)
      • getBias

        public float getBias()
      • getBaseIntensity

        public float getBaseIntensity()
      • getBaseSaturation

        public float getBaseSaturation()
      • getScatteringIntensity

        public float getScatteringIntensity()
      • getScatteringSaturation

        public float getScatteringSaturation()
      • isBlendingEnabled

        public boolean isBlendingEnabled()
      • getBlendingSourceFactor

        public int getBlendingSourceFactor()
      • getBlendingDestFactor

        public int getBlendingDestFactor()
      • getBlurPasses

        public int getBlurPasses()
      • getBlurAmount

        public float getBlurAmount()
      • render

        public void render​( src,
                           GaiaSkyFrameBuffer main)
        Description copied from class: PostProcessorEffect
        Concrete objects shall implements its own rendering, given the source and destination buffers.
        Specified by:
        render in class PostProcessorEffect
      • rebind

        public void rebind()
        Description copied from class: PostProcessorEffect
        Concrete objects shall be responsible to recreate or rebind its own resources whenever its needed, usually when the OpenGL context is lost. Eg., framebuffer textures should be updated and shader parameters should be reuploaded/rebound.
        Specified by:
        rebind in class PostProcessorEffect