Class LevelsFilter

  • public final class LevelsFilter
    extends Filter<LevelsFilter>
    Controls levels of brightness and contrast
    • Constructor Detail

      • LevelsFilter

        public LevelsFilter()
    • Method Detail

      • setContrast

        public void setContrast​(float contrast)
        Sets the contrast level
        contrast - The contrast value in [0..2]
      • setBrightness

        public void setBrightness​(float brightness)
        Sets the brightness level
        brightness - The brightness value in [-1..1]
      • setSaturation

        public void setSaturation​(float saturation)
        Sets the saturation
        saturation - The saturation level in [0..2]
      • setHue

        public void setHue​(float hue)
        Sets the hue
        hue - The hue level in [0..2]
      • setGamma

        public void setGamma​(float gamma)
        Sets the gamma correction value
        gamma - Gamma value in [0..3]
      • setExposure

        public void setExposure​(float exposure)
        Sets the exposure tone mapping value
        exposure - Exposure value in [0..n]
      • setAvgMaxLuma

        public void setAvgMaxLuma​(float avgLuma,
                                  float maxLuma)
      • enableToneMappingExposure

        public void enableToneMappingExposure()
      • enableToneMappingAuto

        public void enableToneMappingAuto()
      • enableToneMappingACES

        public void enableToneMappingACES()
      • enableToneMappingUncharted

        public void enableToneMappingUncharted()
      • enableToneMappingFilmic

        public void enableToneMappingFilmic()
      • isToneMappingAuto

        public boolean isToneMappingAuto()
      • disableToneMapping

        public void disableToneMapping()
      • onBeforeRender

        protected void onBeforeRender()
        Description copied from class: Filter
        This method will get called just before a rendering operation occurs.
        Specified by:
        onBeforeRender in class Filter<LevelsFilter>