Class Vignetting

    • Constructor Detail

      • Vignetting

        public Vignetting​(boolean controlSaturation)
    • Method Detail

      • setIntensity

        public void setIntensity​(float intensity)
      • setSaturation

        public void setSaturation​(float saturation)
      • setSaturationMul

        public void setSaturationMul​(float saturationMul)
      • setCoords

        public void setCoords​(float x,
                              float y)
      • setX

        public void setX​(float x)
      • setY

        public void setY​(float y)
      • setLut

        public void setLut​( texture)
        Sets the texture with which gradient mapping will be performed.
      • setLutIntensity

        public void setLutIntensity​(float value)
      • setLutIndexVal

        public void setLutIndexVal​(int index,
                                   int value)
      • setLutIndexOffset

        public void setLutIndexOffset​(float value)
      • setCenter

        public void setCenter​(float x,
                              float y)
        Specify the center, in normalized screen coordinates.
      • getCenterX

        public float getCenterX()
      • getCenterY

        public float getCenterY()
      • getLutIndexVal

        public int getLutIndexVal​(int index)
      • getLutIntensity

        public float getLutIntensity()
      • getLut

        public getLut()
      • getX

        public float getX()
      • getY

        public float getY()
      • getIntensity

        public float getIntensity()
      • getSaturation

        public float getSaturation()
      • getSaturationMul

        public float getSaturationMul()
      • isGradientMappingEnabled

        public boolean isGradientMappingEnabled()
      • onBeforeRender

        protected void onBeforeRender()
        Description copied from class: Filter
        This method will get called just before a rendering operation occurs.
        Specified by:
        onBeforeRender in class Filter<Vignetting>