Class Hash

  • public final class Hash
    extends java.lang.Object
    * General Purpose Hash Function Algorithms Library * * Author: Arash Partow - 2002 * URL: * URL: * * Copyright notice: * Free use of the General Purpose Hash Function Algorithms Library is * permitted under the guidelines and in accordance with the most current * version of the Common Public License. * * * *************************************************************************
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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      static long APHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long BKDRHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long BPHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long DEKHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long DJBHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long ELFHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long FNVHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long JSHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long PJWHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long RSHash​(java.lang.String str)  
      static long SDBMHash​(java.lang.String str)  
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    • Method Detail

      • RSHash

        public static long RSHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • JSHash

        public static long JSHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • PJWHash

        public static long PJWHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • ELFHash

        public static long ELFHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • BKDRHash

        public static long BKDRHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • SDBMHash

        public static long SDBMHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • DJBHash

        public static long DJBHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • DEKHash

        public static long DEKHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • BPHash

        public static long BPHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • FNVHash

        public static long FNVHash​(java.lang.String str)
      • APHash

        public static long APHash​(java.lang.String str)