Class DefaultIntShader.Config

    • Field Detail

      • vertexShader

        public java.lang.String vertexShader
        The uber vertex shader to use, null to use the default vertex shader.
      • fragmentShader

        public java.lang.String fragmentShader
        The uber fragment shader to use, null to use the default fragment shader.
      • numDirectionalLights

        public int numDirectionalLights
        The number of directional lights to use
      • numPointLights

        public int numPointLights
        The number of point lights to use
      • numSpotLights

        public int numSpotLights
        The number of spot lights to use
      • numBones

        public int numBones
        The number of bones to use
      • ignoreUnimplemented

        public boolean ignoreUnimplemented
    • Constructor Detail

      • Config

        public Config()
      • Config

        public Config​(java.lang.String vertexShader,
                      java.lang.String fragmentShader)