Class UCDParser

  • public class UCDParser
    extends java.lang.Object
    Parses the ucds of a star table and builds some metadata on the relevant quantities for Gaia Sky (position, proper motion, magnitudes, colors, etc.)
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      Position.PositionType getPositionType​(UCD pos1, UCD pos2, UCD pos3)  
      boolean has​(UCD ucd)  
      boolean has​(UCD ucd, com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> a)  
      static boolean isColor​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isDec​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isDist​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isId​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isMag​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isName​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isNstars​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isPllx​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isPmde​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isPmra​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isRa​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isRadius​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isRadvel​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isX​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isY​(java.lang.String colname)  
      static boolean isZ​(java.lang.String colname)  
      void parse​( table)
      Parses the given table and puts the UCD info into the ucdmap.
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    • Field Detail

      • idcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] idcolnames
      • namecolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] namecolnames
      • racolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] racolnames
      • xcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] xcolnames
      • decolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] decolnames
      • ycolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] ycolnames
      • distcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] distcolnames
      • zcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] zcolnames
      • pllxcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] pllxcolnames
      • magcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] magcolnames
      • colorcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] colorcolnames
      • pmracolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] pmracolnames
      • pmdeccolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] pmdeccolnames
      • radvelcolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] radvelcolnames
      • radiuscolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] radiuscolnames
      • nstarscolnames

        public static java.lang.String[] nstarscolnames
      • ucdmap

        public java.util.Map<gaiasky.util.ucd.UCD.UCDType,​java.util.Set<UCD>> ucdmap
      • hasid

        public boolean hasid
      • ID

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> ID
      • hasname

        public boolean hasname
      • NAME

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> NAME
      • haspos

        public boolean haspos
      • POS1

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> POS1
      • POS2

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> POS2
      • POS3

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> POS3
      • haspm

        public boolean haspm
      • PMRA

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> PMRA
      • PMDEC

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> PMDEC
      • RADVEL

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> RADVEL
      • hasmag

        public boolean hasmag
      • MAG

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> MAG
      • hascol

        public boolean hascol
      • COL

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> COL
      • extra

        public com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> extra
    • Constructor Detail

      • UCDParser

        public UCDParser()
    • Method Detail

      • isName

        public static boolean isName​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isId

        public static boolean isId​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isRa

        public static boolean isRa​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isX

        public static boolean isX​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isDec

        public static boolean isDec​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isY

        public static boolean isY​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isDist

        public static boolean isDist​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isZ

        public static boolean isZ​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isPllx

        public static boolean isPllx​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isMag

        public static boolean isMag​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isColor

        public static boolean isColor​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isPmra

        public static boolean isPmra​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isPmde

        public static boolean isPmde​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isRadvel

        public static boolean isRadvel​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isRadius

        public static boolean isRadius​(java.lang.String colname)
      • isNstars

        public static boolean isNstars​(java.lang.String colname)
      • parse

        public void parse​( table)
        Parses the given table and puts the UCD info into the ucdmap. The map and all the indices are overwritten.
        table - The StarTable to parse
      • has

        public boolean has​(UCD ucd)
      • has

        public boolean has​(UCD ucd,
                           com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<UCD> a)