Class AtmosphereAttribute

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public class AtmosphereAttribute
  • Field Summary

    Modifier and Type Field Description
    static long Alpha  
    static java.lang.String AlphaAlias  
    static long CameraHeight  
    static java.lang.String CameraHeightAlias  
    static long ColorOpacity  
    static java.lang.String ColorOpacityAlias  
    static long FogDensity  
    static java.lang.String FogDensityAlias  
    static long G  
    static java.lang.String GAlias  
    static long InnerRadius  
    static java.lang.String InnerRadiusAlias  
    static long Km4PI  
    static java.lang.String Km4PIAlias  
    static long KmESun  
    static java.lang.String KmESunAlias  
    static long Kr4PI  
    static java.lang.String Kr4PIAlias  
    static long KrESun  
    static java.lang.String KrESunAlias  
    static long nSamples  
    static java.lang.String NSamplesAlias  
    static long OuterRadius  
    static java.lang.String OuterRadiusAlias  
    static long Scale  
    static java.lang.String ScaleAlias  
    static long ScaleDepth  
    static java.lang.String ScaleDepthAlias  
    static long ScaleOverScaleDepth  
    static java.lang.String ScaleOverScaleDepthAlias  

    Fields inherited from class

    AlphaTest, AlphaTestAlias, Shininess, ShininessAlias, value

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  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    AtmosphereAttribute​(long type)  
    AtmosphereAttribute​(long type, float value)  
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description copy()  

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    compareTo, createAlphaTest, createShininess, hashCode

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    equals, equals, getAttributeAlias, getAttributeType, register, toString

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    clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
  • Field Details

    • AlphaAlias

      public static final java.lang.String AlphaAlias
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      Constant Field Values
    • Alpha

      public static final long Alpha
    • ColorOpacityAlias

      public static final java.lang.String ColorOpacityAlias
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      Constant Field Values
    • ColorOpacity

      public static final long ColorOpacity
    • CameraHeightAlias

      public static final java.lang.String CameraHeightAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • CameraHeight

      public static final long CameraHeight
    • OuterRadiusAlias

      public static final java.lang.String OuterRadiusAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • OuterRadius

      public static final long OuterRadius
    • InnerRadiusAlias

      public static final java.lang.String InnerRadiusAlias
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      Constant Field Values
    • InnerRadius

      public static final long InnerRadius
    • KrESunAlias

      public static final java.lang.String KrESunAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • KrESun

      public static final long KrESun
    • KmESunAlias

      public static final java.lang.String KmESunAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • KmESun

      public static final long KmESun
    • Kr4PIAlias

      public static final java.lang.String Kr4PIAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • Kr4PI

      public static final long Kr4PI
    • Km4PIAlias

      public static final java.lang.String Km4PIAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • Km4PI

      public static final long Km4PI
    • ScaleAlias

      public static final java.lang.String ScaleAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • Scale

      public static final long Scale
    • ScaleDepthAlias

      public static final java.lang.String ScaleDepthAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • ScaleDepth

      public static final long ScaleDepth
    • ScaleOverScaleDepthAlias

      public static final java.lang.String ScaleOverScaleDepthAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • ScaleOverScaleDepth

      public static final long ScaleOverScaleDepth
    • NSamplesAlias

      public static final java.lang.String NSamplesAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • nSamples

      public static final long nSamples
    • FogDensityAlias

      public static final java.lang.String FogDensityAlias
      See Also:
      Constant Field Values
    • FogDensity

      public static final long FogDensity
    • GAlias

      public static final java.lang.String GAlias
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      Constant Field Values
    • G

      public static final long G
  • Constructor Details

    • AtmosphereAttribute

      public AtmosphereAttribute​(long type)
    • AtmosphereAttribute

      public AtmosphereAttribute​(long type, float value)
  • Method Details

    • copy

      public copy()
      copy in class