Interface I3DTextRenderable

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BackgroundModel, Billboard, BillboardGalaxy, CelestialBody, Constellation, CosmicRuler, Gaia, GenericSpacecraft, Invisible, KeyframesPathObject, LightBeam, Loc, MeshObject, MilkyWay, ModelBody, NBGalaxy, Particle, ParticleGroup, Planet, RecursiveGrid, Satellite, Spacecraft, SphericalGrid, Star, StarCluster, StarGroup, Text2D

public interface I3DTextRenderable extends IRenderable
Interface to be implemented by all entities that can render a text in 3d space
  • Method Details

    • renderText

      boolean renderText()
      Tells whether the text must be rendered or not for this entity
      True if text must be rendered
    • render

      void render(ExtSpriteBatch batch, ExtShaderProgram shader, FontRenderSystem sys, RenderingContext rc, ICamera camera)
      Renders the text
      batch - The sprite batch
      shader - The shader
      sys - The font render system
      rc - The render context
      camera - The camera
    • textColour

      float[] textColour()
      Returns an array with the text colour in the fashion [r, g, b, a]
      Array with the colour
    • textSize

      float textSize()
      Returns the text size
      The text size
    • textScale

      float textScale()
      Returns the text scale for the scale varying in the shader
      The scale
    • textPosition

      void textPosition(ICamera cam, Vector3d out)
      Sets the position of this text in the out vector
      out - The out parameter with the result
    • text

      String text()
      Returns the text
      The text
    • textDepthBuffer

      void textDepthBuffer()
      Executes the blending for the text
    • isLabel

      boolean isLabel()
      Is it a label or another kind of text?
      Whether this is a label
    • getTextOpacity

      float getTextOpacity()
      Gets the text opacity
      Text opacity