Interface ISGR

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SGR, SGRCubemapProjections, SGRFov, SGROpenVR, SGRStereoscopic

public interface ISGR extends com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable
Interface that must be extended by all types of scene graph renderers
  • Method Details

    • render

      void render(SceneGraphRenderer sgr, ICamera camera, double t, int rw, int rh, int tw, int th, fb, IPostProcessor.PostProcessBean ppb)
      Renders the scene
      sgr - The scene graph renderer object
      camera - The camera.
      t - The time in seconds since the start
      rw - The width of the buffer
      rh - The height of the buffer
      tw - The final target width, usually of the screen
      th - The final target height, usually of the screen
      fb - The frame buffer, if any
      ppb - The post processing bean
    • resize

      void resize(int w, int h)
      Resizes the assets of this renderer to the given new size
      w - New width
      h - New height
    • getRenderingContext

      RenderingContext getRenderingContext()
    • getResultBuffer getResultBuffer()