Class ScreenshotsManager

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public class ScreenshotsManager extends Object implements IObserver
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  • Constructor Details

    • ScreenshotsManager

      public ScreenshotsManager(GlobalResources globalResources)
  • Method Details

    • renderFrame

      public void renderFrame(IMainRenderer mr)
    • renderScreenshot

      public void renderScreenshot(IMainRenderer mr)
    • renderCurrentFrameBuffer

      public void renderCurrentFrameBuffer(String folder, String file, int w, int h)
    • renderToImage

      public String renderToImage(IMainRenderer mr, ICamera camera, double dt, IPostProcessor.PostProcessBean ppb, int width, int height, String folder, String filename, IFileImageRenderer renderer, Settings.ImageFormat format, float quality)
      Renders the current scene to an image and returns the file name where it has been written to
      mr - The main renderer to use.
      camera - The camera.
      width - The width of the image.
      height - The height of the image.
      folder - The folder to save the image to.
      filename - The file name prefix.
      renderer - the IFileImageRenderer to use.
      String with the path to the screenshot image file.
    • notify

      public void notify(Events event, Object... data)
      Description copied from interface: IObserver
      Event notification call.
      Specified by:
      notify in interface IObserver
      event - The event type.
      data - The data associated with this event.