Class SGRAbstract

Direct Known Subclasses:
SGR, SGRCubemap, SGRFov, SGROpenVR, SGRStereoscopic

public class SGRAbstract extends Object
Abstract implementation with some useful methods for all SGRs.
  • Field Details

    • resultBuffer

      protected resultBuffer
    • rc

      protected RenderingContext rc
    • extendViewport

      protected com.badlogic.gdx.utils.viewport.Viewport extendViewport
      Viewport to use in normal mode
  • Constructor Details

    • SGRAbstract

      public SGRAbstract()
  • Method Details

    • postProcessCapture

      protected boolean postProcessCapture(IPostProcessor.PostProcessBean ppb, fb, int rw, int rh)
    • postProcessRender

      protected void postProcessRender(IPostProcessor.PostProcessBean ppb, fb, boolean postproc, ICamera camera, int rw, int rh)
    • getRenderingContext

      public RenderingContext getRenderingContext()
    • getResultBuffer

      public getResultBuffer()
    • sendOrientationUpdate

      protected void sendOrientationUpdate( cam, int w, int h)