Class OrbitalElementsGroup

All Implemented Interfaces:
com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable, IObserver, IFadeObject, IRenderable, IStarContainer, IVisibilitySwitch, IPosition

public class OrbitalElementsGroup extends GenericCatalog implements IRenderable, IObserver
This class acts as a group of orbital element objects. It compiles the orbit objects which are only-body and those which are not, and updates them accordingly to reduce CPU calls.
  • Constructor Details

    • OrbitalElementsGroup

      public OrbitalElementsGroup()
  • Method Details

    • doneLoading

      public void doneLoading(com.badlogic.gdx.assets.AssetManager manager)
      doneLoading in class GenericCatalog
    • addToRenderLists

      protected void addToRenderLists(ICamera camera)
      Description copied from class: SceneGraphNode
      Adds this entity to the necessary render lists after the distance to the camera and the view angle have been determined.
      addToRenderLists in class FadeNode
    • update

      public void update(ITimeFrameProvider time, Vector3b parentTransform, ICamera camera, float opacity)
      update in class FadeNode
    • markForUpdate

      public void markForUpdate()
    • highlight

      public void highlight(boolean hl, float[] color, boolean allVisible)
      Description copied from class: FadeNode
      Highlight using a plain color
      highlight in class FadeNode
      hl - Whether to highlight
      color - The plain color
      allVisible - All visible
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Specified by:
      dispose in interface com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable
      dispose in class SceneGraphNode
    • notify

      public void notify(Event event, Object source, Object... data)
      Description copied from interface: IObserver
      Event notification call.
      Specified by:
      notify in interface IObserver
      event - The event type.
      source - The source object, if any.
      data - The data associated with this event.