Class NoiseComponent

All Implemented Interfaces:
com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable, IComponent

public class NoiseComponent extends NamedComponent
Contains the parameters and functions for procedural elevation
  • Field Details

    • scale

      public double[] scale
    • power

      public double power
    • octaves

      public int octaves
    • frequency

      public double frequency
    • lacunarity

      public double lacunarity
    • range

      public double[] range
    • type

      public com.sudoplay.joise.module.ModuleBasisFunction.BasisType type
    • fractalType

      public com.sudoplay.joise.module.ModuleFractal.FractalType fractalType
    • seed

      public long seed
  • Constructor Details

    • NoiseComponent

      public NoiseComponent()
  • Method Details

    • generateData

      public generateData(int N, int M, float[] rgba, String name)
    • generateElevation

      public Trio<float[][],float[][],> generateElevation(int N, int M, float heightScale, String name)
    • setType

      public void setType(String noiseType)
    • setFractaltype

      public void setFractaltype(String fractalType)
    • setScale

      public void setScale(Double scale)
    • setScale

      public void setScale(double[] noiseScale)
    • setOctaves

      public void setOctaves(Long octaves)
      Sets the number of octaves
      octaves - The octaves
    • setFrequency

      public void setFrequency(Double frequency)
    • setLacunarity

      public void setLacunarity(Double lacunarity)
    • setPower

      public void setPower(Double power)
    • setRange

      public void setRange(double[] range)
    • setSeed

      public void setSeed(Long seed)
    • copyFrom

      public void copyFrom(NoiseComponent other)
    • randomizeAll

      public void randomizeAll(Random rand)
    • randomizeAll

      public void randomizeAll(Random rand, boolean rocky, boolean clouds)
    • print

      public void print(Logger.Log log)
    • dispose

      public void dispose()