Class OrbitComponent


public class OrbitComponent extends Object
  • Field Details

    • source

      public String source
      Source file
    • period

      public double period
      Orbital period in days
    • epoch

      public double epoch
      Base epoch in julian days
    • semimajoraxis

      public double semimajoraxis
      Semi major axis of the ellipse, a in Km.
    • e

      public double e
      Eccentricity of the ellipse, in degrees.
    • i

      public double i
      Inclination, angle between the reference plane and the orbital plane, in degrees.
    • ascendingnode

      public double ascendingnode
      Longitude of the ascending node in degrees.
    • argofpericenter

      public double argofpericenter
      Argument of perihelion in degrees.
    • meananomaly

      public double meananomaly
      Mean anomaly at epoch, in degrees.
    • mu

      public double mu
      G*M of central body (gravitational constant). Defaults to the Sun's
  • Constructor Details

    • OrbitComponent

      public OrbitComponent()
  • Method Details

    • setSource

      public void setSource(String source)
    • setPeriod

      public void setPeriod(Double period)
    • setEpoch

      public void setEpoch(Double epoch)
    • setSemimajoraxis

      public void setSemimajoraxis(Double semimajoraxis)
    • setEccentricity

      public void setEccentricity(Double e)
    • setInclination

      public void setInclination(Double i)
    • setAscendingnode

      public void setAscendingnode(Double ascendingnode)
    • setArgofpericenter

      public void setArgofpericenter(Double argofpericenter)
    • setMeananomaly

      public void setMeananomaly(Double meanAnomaly)
    • computeMu

      public void computeMu()
      This method automatically computes the standard gravitational parameter (mu) of the orbit if the period and the semi-major axis are set as mu=4 pi^2 a^3 / T^2.
    • setMu

      public void setMu(Double mu)
    • loadDataPoint

      public void loadDataPoint(Vector3d out, Instant t)
    • loadDataPoint

      public void loadDataPoint(Vector3d out, double dtDays)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object