Package gaiasky.util

Class MemInfo


public class MemInfo extends Object
RAM memory information
  • Constructor Details

    • MemInfo

      public MemInfo()
  • Method Details

    • getUsedMemory

      public static double getUsedMemory()
      The used memory in MiB, which is totalMemory - freeMemory. Given in MB.
    • getFreeMemory

      public static double getFreeMemory()
      The amount of free memory in the JMV. Given in MB.
    • getTotalMemory

      public static double getTotalMemory()
      The total amount of memory in the JVM. Given in MB.
    • getMaxMemory

      public static double getMaxMemory()
      The maximum amount of memory the JVM will attempt to use. Same as -Xmx. Given in MB.
    • getTotalRam

      public static double getTotalRam()
      The total amount of RAM memory in the system, in MB.