Package gaiasky.util

Class SettingsMorph


public class SettingsMorph extends Object
This class converts settings from the old Java properties file to the new YAML-based configuration. This should happen whenever Gaia Sky detects that there exists a file in the configuration folder, but no config.yaml is found. In such a case, the way to proceed is to load the file into memory, create and fill up a Settings instance manually and save it in to the config.yaml file in the configuration folder.
  • Constructor Details

    • SettingsMorph

      public SettingsMorph()
  • Method Details

    • morphSettings

      public static void morphSettings(Path propertiesFile, Path yamlFile) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException
      This method loads the given properties file into a Properties, creates a Settings and fills it up with the contents of the properties file. Finally, it writes the Settings instance to disk in the YAML format to the given yamlFile.
      propertiesFile - The location of the properties file.
      yamlFile - The location to save the YAML settings file.