Class CamRecorder

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CamRecorder extends Object implements IObserver
Contains the logic to record the camera state at each frame. The format is as follows: > time[s](float) cam_pos(double x3) cam_dir(double x3) cam_up(double x3)

The time is the time in seconds since the start of the recording, to synchronize with the current FPS in playing mode.

  • Field Details

    • instance

      public static CamRecorder instance
  • Constructor Details

    • CamRecorder

      public CamRecorder()
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public static void initialize()
    • update

      public void update(ITimeFrameProvider time, Vector3b position, Vector3d direction, Vector3d up)
    • notify

      public void notify(Event event, Object source, Object... data)
      Description copied from interface: IObserver
      Event notification call.
      Specified by:
      notify in interface IObserver
      event - The event type.
      source - The source object, if any.
      data - The data associated with this event.