Class AbstractAttitudeAnglesRates

Direct Known Subclasses:
EquatorialAnglesRates, HeliotropicAnglesRates

public abstract class AbstractAttitudeAnglesRates extends Object
A little helper class to hold a set of three angles and associated rates.
  • Field Details

    • anglesRates

      protected double[][] anglesRates
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractAttitudeAnglesRates

      public AbstractAttitudeAnglesRates()
  • Method Details

    • setFirstAngle

      public void setFirstAngle(double angle)
      Set first angle and/or rate
    • setFirstRate

      public void setFirstRate(double rate)
    • setFirstPair

      public void setFirstPair(double angle, double rate)
    • setSecondAngle

      public void setSecondAngle(double angle)
      set second angle and/or rate value
    • setSecondRate

      public void setSecondRate(double rate)
    • setSecondPair

      public void setSecondPair(double angle, double rate)
    • setThirdAngle

      public void setThirdAngle(double angle)
      set third angle and/or rate value
    • setThirdRate

      public void setThirdRate(double rate)
    • setThirdPair

      public void setThirdPair(double angle, double rate)