All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class LensFlare extends PostProcessorEffect
Pseudo lens flare implementation. This is a post-processing effect entirely, no need for light positions or anything. It includes ghost generation, halos, chromatic distortion and blur.
  • Constructor Details

    • LensFlare

      public LensFlare(int fboWidth, int fboHeight)
  • Method Details

    • dispose

      public void dispose()
    • setBaseIntesity

      public void setBaseIntesity(float intensity)
    • setBaseSaturation

      public void setBaseSaturation(float saturation)
    • setFlareIntesity

      public void setFlareIntesity(float intensity)
    • setFlareSaturation

      public void setFlareSaturation(float saturation)
    • setBias

      public void setBias(float b)
    • setGhosts

      public void setGhosts(int ghosts)
    • setHaloWidth

      public void setHaloWidth(float haloWidth)
    • setLensColorTexture

      public void setLensColorTexture( tex)
    • setLensDirtTexture

      public void setLensDirtTexture( tex)
    • setLensStarburstTexture

      public void setLensStarburstTexture( tex)
    • setStarburstOffset

      public void setStarburstOffset(float offset)
    • enableBlending

      public void enableBlending(int sfactor, int dfactor)
    • disableBlending

      public void disableBlending()
    • setBlurType

      public void setBlurType(Blur.BlurType type)
    • setSettings

      public void setSettings(LensFlare.Settings settings)
    • setBlurPasses

      public void setBlurPasses(int passes)
    • setBlurAmount

      public void setBlurAmount(float amount)
    • getBias

      public float getBias()
    • getBaseIntensity

      public float getBaseIntensity()
    • getBaseSaturation

      public float getBaseSaturation()
    • getFlareIntensity

      public float getFlareIntensity()
    • getFlareSaturation

      public float getFlareSaturation()
    • getGhosts

      public int getGhosts()
    • isBlendingEnabled

      public boolean isBlendingEnabled()
    • getBlendingSourceFactor

      public int getBlendingSourceFactor()
    • getBlendingDestFactor

      public int getBlendingDestFactor()
    • getBlurType

      public Blur.BlurType getBlurType()
    • getSettings

      public LensFlare.Settings getSettings()
    • getBlurPasses

      public int getBlurPasses()
    • getBlurAmount

      public float getBlurAmount()
    • render

      public void render( src, dest, GaiaSkyFrameBuffer main)
      Description copied from class: PostProcessorEffect
      Concrete objects shall implements its own rendering, given the source and destination buffers.
      Specified by:
      render in class PostProcessorEffect
    • rebind

      public void rebind()
      Description copied from class: PostProcessorEffect
      Concrete objects shall be responsible to recreate or rebind its own resources whenever its needed, usually when the OpenGL context is lost. Eg., framebuffer textures should be updated and shader parameters should be reuploaded/rebound.
      Specified by:
      rebind in class PostProcessorEffect