Class GlyphLayout

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public class GlyphLayout extends Object implements com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Pool.Poolable
Stores runs of glyphs for a piece of text. The text may contain newlines and color markup tags.
  • Field Details

    • runs

      public final com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Array<GlyphLayout.GlyphRun> runs
    • width

      public float width
    • height

      public float height
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  • Method Details

    • setText

      public void setText(BitmapFont font, CharSequence str)
      Calls setText with the whole string, the font's current color, and no alignment or wrapping.
    • setText

      public void setText(BitmapFont font, CharSequence str, color, float targetWidth, int halign, boolean wrap)
      Calls setText with the whole string and no truncation.
    • setText

      public void setText(BitmapFont font, CharSequence str, int start, int end, color, float targetWidth, int halign, boolean wrap, String truncate)
      color - The default color to use for the text (the BitmapFont color is not used). If BitmapFont.BitmapFontData.markupEnabled is true, color markup tags in the specified string may change the color for portions of the text.
      halign - Horizontal alignment of the text, see Align.
      targetWidth - The width used for alignment, line wrapping, and truncation. May be zero if those features are not used.
      truncate - If not null and the width of the glyphs exceed targetWidth, the glyphs are truncated and the glyphs for the specified truncate string are placed at the end. Empty string can be used to truncate without adding glyphs. Truncate should not be used with text that contains multiple lines. Wrap is ignored if truncate is not null.
    • reset

      public void reset()
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      reset in interface com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Pool.Poolable
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      public String toString()
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