Class AtmosphereShader.Config

Enclosing class:

public static class AtmosphereShader.Config extends Object
  • Field Details

    • vertexShader

      public String vertexShader
      The uber vertex shader to use, null to use the default vertex shader.
    • fragmentShader

      public String fragmentShader
      The uber fragment shader to use, null to use the default fragment shader.
    • ignoreUnimplemented

      public boolean ignoreUnimplemented
    • defaultCullFace

      public int defaultCullFace
      Set to 0 to disable culling, -1 to inherit from AtmosphereShader.defaultCullFace
    • defaultDepthFunc

      public int defaultDepthFunc
      Set to 0 to disable depth test, -1 to inherit from AtmosphereShader.defaultDepthFunc
  • Constructor Details

    • Config

      public Config()
    • Config

      public Config(String vertexShader, String fragmentShader)