Class GroundShader

All Implemented Interfaces:
com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Disposable, IntShader
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class GroundShader extends RelativisticShader
  • Field Details

    • fAlpha

      public final int fAlpha
    • fCameraHeight

      public final int fCameraHeight
    • fOuterRadius

      public final int fOuterRadius
    • fInnerRadius

      public final int fInnerRadius
    • fKrESun

      public final int fKrESun
    • fKmESun

      public final int fKmESun
    • fKr4PI

      public final int fKr4PI
    • fKm4PI

      public final int fKm4PI
    • fScale

      public final int fScale
    • fScaleDepth

      public final int fScaleDepth
    • fScaleOverScaleDepth

      public final int fScaleOverScaleDepth
    • nSamples

      public final int nSamples
    • fogDensity

      public final int fogDensity
    • fogColor

      public final int fogColor
    • g

      public final int g
    • v3PlanetPos

      public final int v3PlanetPos
    • v3LightPos

      public final int v3LightPos
    • v3CameraPos

      public final int v3CameraPos
    • v3InvWavelength

      public final int v3InvWavelength
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • canRender

      public boolean canRender(IntRenderable renderable)
      Description copied from interface: IntShader
      Checks whether this shader is intended to render the IntRenderable. Use this to make sure a call to the IntShader.render(IntRenderable) method will succeed. This is expected to be a fast, non-blocking method. Note that this method will only return true if it is intended to be used. Even when it returns false the IntShader might still be capable of rendering, but it's not preferred to do so.
      Specified by:
      canRender in interface IntShader
      canRender in class DefaultIntShader
      renderable - The renderable to check against this shader.
      true if this shader is intended to render the IntRenderable, false otherwise.
    • createPrefix

      public static String createPrefix(IntRenderable renderable, DefaultIntShader.Config config)