Class TextureAttribute

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TextureAttribute extends Attribute
  • Field Details

    • DiffuseAlias

      public static final String DiffuseAlias
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    • Diffuse

      public static final int Diffuse
    • SpecularAlias

      public static final String SpecularAlias
      See Also:
    • Specular

      public static final int Specular
    • BumpAlias

      public static final String BumpAlias
      See Also:
    • Bump

      public static final int Bump
    • NormalAlias

      public static final String NormalAlias
      See Also:
    • Normal

      public static final int Normal
    • AmbientAlias

      public static final String AmbientAlias
      See Also:
    • Ambient

      public static final int Ambient
    • EmissiveAlias

      public static final String EmissiveAlias
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    • Emissive

      public static final int Emissive
    • MetallicAlias

      public static final String MetallicAlias
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    • Metallic

      public static final int Metallic
    • AOAlias

      public static final String AOAlias
      See Also:
    • AO

      public static final int AO
    • RoughnessAlias

      public static final String RoughnessAlias
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    • Roughness

      public static final int Roughness
    • HeightAlias

      public static final String HeightAlias
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    • Height

      public static final int Height
    • textureDescription

      public final<> textureDescription
    • offsetU

      public float offsetU
    • offsetV

      public float offsetV
    • scaleU

      public float scaleU
    • scaleV

      public float scaleV
    • uvIndex

      public int uvIndex
      The index of the texture coordinate vertex attribute to use for this TextureAttribute. Whether this value is used, depends on the shader and Attribute.type value. For basic (model specific) types (e.g. Diffuse, Normal, etc.), this value is usually ignored and the first texture coordinate vertex attribute is used.
  • Constructor Details

    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index,<T> textureDescription)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index,<T> textureDescription, float offsetU, float offsetV, float scaleU, float scaleV, int uvIndex)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index,<T> textureDescription, float offsetU, float offsetV, float scaleU, float scaleV)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index, texture)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(int index, region)
    • TextureAttribute

      public TextureAttribute(TextureAttribute copyFrom)
  • Method Details

    • createDiffuse

      public static TextureAttribute createDiffuse( texture)
    • createDiffuse

      public static TextureAttribute createDiffuse( region)
    • createSpecular

      public static TextureAttribute createSpecular( texture)
    • createSpecular

      public static TextureAttribute createSpecular( region)
    • createNormal

      public static TextureAttribute createNormal( texture)
    • createNormal

      public static TextureAttribute createNormal( region)
    • createBump

      public static TextureAttribute createBump( texture)
    • createBump

      public static TextureAttribute createBump( region)
    • createAmbient

      public static TextureAttribute createAmbient( texture)
    • createAmbient

      public static TextureAttribute createAmbient( region)
    • createEmissive

      public static TextureAttribute createEmissive( texture)
    • createEmissive

      public static TextureAttribute createEmissive( region)
    • createMetallic

      public static TextureAttribute createMetallic( texture)
    • createReflection

      public static TextureAttribute createReflection( texture)
    • createMetallic

      public static TextureAttribute createMetallic( region)
    • createReflection

      public static TextureAttribute createReflection( region)
    • createHeight

      public static TextureAttribute createHeight( texture)
    • createHeight

      public static TextureAttribute createHeight( region)
    • set

      public void set( region)
    • copy

      public Attribute copy()
      Specified by:
      copy in class Attribute
      An exact copy of this attribute
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Attribute
    • compareTo

      public int compareTo(Attribute o)