Interface IntShaderProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
AtmosphereShaderProvider, BaseIntShaderProvider, DefaultIntShaderProvider, DepthIntShaderProvider, GroundShaderProvider, RelativisticShaderProvider, TessellationShaderProvider

public interface IntShaderProvider
Returns IntShader instances for a IntRenderable on request. Also responsible for disposing of any created ShaderProgram instances on a call to dispose().
  • Method Details

    • getShader

      IntShader getShader(IntRenderable renderable)
      Returns a IntShader for the given IntRenderable. The RenderInstance may already contain a IntShader, in which case the provider may decide to return that.
      renderable - the Renderable
      the IntShader to be used for the RenderInstance
    • dispose

      void dispose()
      Disposes all resources created by the provider