Class Trigonometry

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Trigonometry extends Object implements ITrigonometry
Uses the default Math library. Very accurate but not the fastest in the West.
  • Constructor Details

    • Trigonometry

      public Trigonometry()
  • Method Details

    • sin

      public double sin(double angle)
      Specified by:
      sin in interface ITrigonometry
    • asin

      public double asin(double angle)
      Specified by:
      asin in interface ITrigonometry
    • cos

      public double cos(double angle)
      Specified by:
      cos in interface ITrigonometry
    • acos

      public double acos(double angle)
      Specified by:
      acos in interface ITrigonometry
    • tan

      public double tan(double angle)
      Specified by:
      tan in interface ITrigonometry
    • atan

      public double atan(double angle)
      Specified by:
      atan in interface ITrigonometry
    • atan2

      public double atan2(double y, double x)
      Specified by:
      atan2 in interface ITrigonometry