Class ModelView

public class ModelView extends BaseView
  • Field Details

    • model

      public Model model
      Model component.
    • cloud

      public Cloud cloud
      Cloud component.
  • Constructor Details

    • ModelView

      public ModelView()
  • Method Details

    • entityChanged

      protected void entityChanged()
      Description copied from class: AbstractView
      Contains actions to take after a new entity has been set. This method is typically used to initialize the view components.
      entityChanged in class BaseView
    • entityCleared

      protected void entityCleared()
      Description copied from class: AbstractView
      This method is called when the entity of this view is cleared. It should set all component references to null.
      entityCleared in class BaseView
    • hasSVT

      public boolean hasSVT()
      Checks whether the current model has a sparse virtual texture.
    • hasSVTNoCloud

      public boolean hasSVTNoCloud()
    • hasSVTCloud

      public boolean hasSVTCloud()