Gaia Sky data repository

This site contains the data packages available for Gaia Sky.

Instructions for manual download

In order to install any of the packages, just download it and extract the contents it in your data folder (defaults to $HOME/.local/share/gaiasky/data/ in Linux, $HOME/.gaiasky/data in Windows and macOS):


$ tar xzvf [archive_name].tar.gz -C ~/.local/share/gaiasky/data


$ tar xzvf [archive_name].tar.gz -C %homepath%/.gaiasky/data/


$ tar xzvf [archive_name].tar.gz -C ~/.gaiasky/data/

Gaia Sky will automatically detect the new files the next time it is started.

Data files

      Name                                                                           Last modified         Size

      basedata/                                                                      20-Jan-2022  8:16     -
      catalog/                                                                       10-Dec-2021 13:34     -
      clusters/                                                                      30-Oct-2020  9:27     -
      extra/                                                                         19-Jan-2022 16:03     -
      galaxies/                                                                      30-Oct-2020  9:45     -
      meshes/                                                                        30-Oct-2020 10:45     -
      nebulae/                                                                       16-Dec-2020 20:08     -
      systems/                                                                       03-Dec-2021 15:05     -
      tex/                                                                           03-Dec-2021 11:17     -