Class DepthTestAttribute

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public class DepthTestAttribute extends Attribute
  • Field Details

    • Alias

      public static final String Alias
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    • Type

      public static final int Type
    • depthFunc

      public int depthFunc
      The depth test function, or 0 to disable depth test (default: GL10.GL_LEQUAL)
    • depthRangeNear

      public float depthRangeNear
      Mapping of near clipping plane to window coordinates (default: 0)
    • depthRangeFar

      public float depthRangeFar
      Mapping of far clipping plane to window coordinates (default: 1)
    • depthMask

      public boolean depthMask
      Whether to write to the depth buffer (default: true)
  • Constructor Details

    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute()
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(boolean depthMask)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(int depthFunc)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(int depthFunc, boolean depthMask)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(int depthFunc, float depthRangeNear, float depthRangeFar)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(int depthFunc, float depthRangeNear, float depthRangeFar, boolean depthMask)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(int index, int depthFunc, float depthRangeNear, float depthRangeFar, boolean depthMask)
    • DepthTestAttribute

      public DepthTestAttribute(DepthTestAttribute rhs)
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