Class Label

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class Label extends Object implements com.badlogic.ashley.core.Component
  • Field Details

    • forceLabel

      public boolean forceLabel
      Force to render the label of this entity, bypassing the solid angle check
    • labelFactor

      public float labelFactor
      Factor to apply to the size of the label.
    • labelMax

      public float labelMax
      Internal rendering factor
    • textScale

      public float textScale
      Scale parameter for distance field fonts.
    • solidAnglePow

      public float solidAnglePow
      Power to apply to the view angle for labels.
    • labelPosition

      public Vector3b labelPosition
      Position of label.
    • label

      public boolean label
      Is it a label or another kind of text?
    • renderFunction

      public Function<LabelView,Boolean> renderFunction
      Function that checks whether the label must be rendered or not.
    • depthBufferConsumer

      public Consumer<LabelView> depthBufferConsumer
      The function to apply to set up the depth buffer for text rendering.
    • renderConsumer

      The label rendering code.
  • Constructor Details

    • Label

      public Label()
  • Method Details

    • setForceLabel

      public void setForceLabel(Boolean force)
    • setLabelPositionPc

      public void setLabelPositionPc(double[] labelPositionPc)
      Sets the position of the label, in parsecs and in the internal reference frame.
      labelPositionPc - The position of the label in internal cartesian coordinates.
    • setLabelPositionKm

      public void setLabelPositionKm(double[] labelPositionKm)
    • setLabelposition

      public void setLabelposition(double[] labelPosition)
    • setLabelPosition

      public void setLabelPosition(double[] labelPositionPc)
    • setLabelFactor

      public void setLabelFactor(Double labelFactor)
    • setLabelMax

      public void setLabelMax(Double labelMax)
    • setTextScale

      public void setTextScale(Double textScale)
    • setLabel2d

      public void setLabel2d(Boolean b)