Class ModelScaffolding

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ModelScaffolding extends Object implements com.badlogic.ashley.core.Component
  • Field Details

    • locVaMultiplier

      public float locVaMultiplier
      Multiplier for Loc view angle
    • locThresholdLabel

      public float locThresholdLabel
      ThresholdLabel for children locations.
    • sizeScaleFactor

      public float sizeScaleFactor
      Size factor, which can be set to scale model objects up or down
    • fadeOpacity

      public float fadeOpacity
      Fade opacity, special to model bodies
    • shadowMap

      public ShadowMapImpl shadowMap
      Shadow map properties
    • shadow

      public int shadow
      State flag; whether to render the shadow (number of times left)
    • refPlane

      public String refPlane
      Name of the reference plane for this object. Defaults to equator
    • refPlaneTransform

      public String refPlaneTransform
      Name of the transformation to the reference plane
    • inverseRefPlaneTransform

      public String inverseRefPlaneTransform
    • shadowMapValues

      public double[] shadowMapValues
      Array with shadow camera distance, camera near and camera far as a function of the radius of the object.
    • seed

      public List<Long> seed
      The seed for random components
    • randomize

      public List<String> randomize
      The components to randomize---possible values are ["model", "cloud", "atmosphere"]
    • billboardSizeFactor

      public float billboardSizeFactor
      The factor to apply to the size when rendered as billboard.
  • Constructor Details

    • ModelScaffolding

      public ModelScaffolding()
  • Method Details

    • isShadow

      public boolean isShadow()
      Whether shadows should be rendered for this object
      Whether shadows should be rendered for this object
    • setShadowValues

      public void setShadowValues(double[] shadowMapValues)
      Sets the shadow mapping values for this object
      shadowMapValues - The values
    • setShadowvalues

      public void setShadowvalues(double[] shadowMapValues)
    • setSizeScaleFactor

      public void setSizeScaleFactor(Double sizescalefactor)
    • setSizescalefactor

      public void setSizescalefactor(Double sizescalefactor)
    • setRandomize

      public void setRandomize(String[] randomize)
    • setSeed

      public void setSeed(Long seed)
    • setSeed

      public void setSeed(int[] seed)
    • setRandomize

      public void setRandomize(String randomize)
    • setRefPlane

      public void setRefPlane(String refplane)
    • setReferencePlane

      public void setReferencePlane(String refplane)
    • setRefplane

      public void setRefplane(String refplane)
    • setLocVaMultiplier

      public void setLocVaMultiplier(Double locvamultiplier)
    • setLocvamultiplier

      public void setLocvamultiplier(Double locvamultiplier)
    • setLocThOverFactor

      public void setLocThOverFactor(Double locthoverfactor)
    • setLocthoverfactor

      public void setLocthoverfactor(Double locthoverfactor)
    • setLocThresholdLabel

      public void setLocThresholdLabel(Double val)
    • getSeed

      public long getSeed(String component)
      Gets the seed corresponding to the given component by matching it using the position in the randomize vector.
      component - The component name.
      The seed.