Class RenderView

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
LabelView, PointView, ShapeEntityRenderSystem

public class RenderView extends BaseView implements IRenderable
  • Field Details

    • extra

      public ParticleExtra extra
      Particle component, maybe.
    • particleSet

      public ParticleSet particleSet
      Particle set component
    • starSet

      public StarSet starSet
      Star set component
  • Constructor Details

    • RenderView

      public RenderView()
    • RenderView

      public RenderView(com.badlogic.ashley.core.Entity entity)
  • Method Details

    • entityChanged

      protected void entityChanged()
      Description copied from class: AbstractView
      Contains actions to take after a new entity has been set. This method is typically used to initialize the view components.
      entityChanged in class BaseView
    • entityCleared

      protected void entityCleared()
      Description copied from class: AbstractView
      This method is called when the entity of this view is cleared. It should set all component references to null.
      entityCleared in class BaseView
    • getDistToCamera

      public double getDistToCamera()
      Description copied from interface: IRenderable
      Gets the last distance to the camera calculated for this entity
      Specified by:
      getDistToCamera in interface IRenderable
      The distance
    • getOpacity

      public float getOpacity()
      Description copied from interface: IRenderable
      Returns the opacity of this renderable
      Specified by:
      getOpacity in interface IRenderable
      getOpacity in class BaseView
      The opacity
    • getRadius

      public double getRadius()
    • textColour

      public float[] textColour()
      Text color for single objects
    • textColour

      public float[] textColour(String name)
      Text color for the star with the given name in a star set.