Class BaseIntAnimationController

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public class BaseIntAnimationController extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • BaseIntAnimationController

      public BaseIntAnimationController(IntModelInstance target)
      Construct a new BaseAnimationController.
      target - The IntModelInstance on which the animations are being performed.
  • Method Details

    • begin

      protected void begin()
      Begin applying multiple animations to the instance, must followed by one or more calls to { apply(IntAnimation, float, float) and finally {end().
    • apply

      protected void apply(IntAnimation animation, float time, float weight)
      Apply an animation, must be called between {begin() and {end().
      weight - The blend weight of this animation relative to the previous applied animations.
    • end

      protected void end()
      End applying multiple animations to the instance and update it to reflect the changes.
    • applyAnimation

      protected void applyAnimation(IntAnimation animation, float time)
      Apply a single animation to the IntModelInstance and update the it to reflect the changes.
    • applyAnimations

      protected void applyAnimations(IntAnimation anim1, float time1, IntAnimation anim2, float time2, float weight)
      Apply two animations, blending the second onto to first using weight.
    • applyAnimation

      protected static void applyAnimation(com.badlogic.gdx.utils.ObjectMap<IntNode,BaseIntAnimationController.Transform> out, com.badlogic.gdx.utils.Pool<BaseIntAnimationController.Transform> pool, float alpha, IntAnimation animation, float time)
      Helper method to apply one animation to either an objectmap for blending or directly to the bones.
    • removeAnimation

      protected void removeAnimation(IntAnimation animation)
      Remove the specified animation, by marking the affected nodes as not animated. When switching animation, this should be call prior to applyAnimation(s).