Class IntAnimationController.AnimationDesc

Enclosing class:

public static class IntAnimationController.AnimationDesc extends Object
Class describing how to play and Animation. You can read the values within this class to get the progress of the animation. Do not change the values. Only valid when the animation is currently played.
  • Field Details

    • listener

      Listener which will be informed when the animation is looped or ended.
    • animation

      public IntAnimation animation
      The animation to be applied.
    • speed

      public float speed
      The speed at which to play the animation (can be negative), 1.0 for normal speed.
    • time

      public float time
      The current animation time.
    • offset

      public float offset
      The offset within the animation (animation time = offsetTime + time)
    • duration

      public float duration
      The duration of the animation
    • loopCount

      public int loopCount
      The number of remaining loops, negative for continuous, zero if stopped.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnimationDesc

      protected AnimationDesc()
  • Method Details

    • update

      protected float update(float delta)
      delta - delta time, must be positive.
      the remaining time or -1 if still animating.