Dataset manager and selection

Gaia Sky provides an integrated way of downloading and selecting datasets from our servers at ARI. All downloads are performed over a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection, and data consistency is checked once the download has finished with sha256.

Since 3.0.0

Welcome screen

The welcome screen in Gaia Sky 3.0.0+

The welcome screen in Gaia Sky 3.0.0+

When Gaia Sky starts, a welcome screen is displayed. From this screen you can see at a glance the amount of datasets selected to be loaded, whether problems were detected with the data or if there are new versions of your datasets ready to download. It also gives access to the dataset manager, from where you can download and update datasets, and the dataset selector, which lets you select the datasets to load for this particular session.

Since 2.1.0

Dataset manager

The dataset manager of Gaia Sky

The dataset manager of Gaia Sky

The dataset manager provides a hassle-free way of downloading and updating your datasets, as well as keeping them organized.

First, if you have not done so, you should select the folder to use as your local data repository. Do so by clicking on the button at the top, next to Data location:. If you do not select any folder, the default will be used (see folders).

Then, proceed to tick the check boxes of the catalogs you want to download. Once done, click on the Download selected button at the bottom and wait it out.

Additionally, for each catalog a status is displayed at the very right of the line. Downloaded catalogs can be deleted using the little bin icon. Once deleted, the data is gone and if you need the catalogs again you need to re-download them.

Since Gaia Sky 2.1.0

Dataset selection

The dataset selection window of Gaia Sky

The dataset selection window of Gaia Sky

Sometimes, we want to download a lot of cool datasets but do not need to load them all at once every session. This is especially true for datasets which are different cuts or selections of the same base catalog, such as Gaia DR-based datasets. In these cases the dataset selection window comes to the rescue. The dataset selection window simply lets you select the datasets you want to load for the current session before starting Gaia Sky. The settings chosen here will be remembered the next time Gaia Sky is started.