The configuration file

Since 3.1.5

There is a configuration file which stores the settings of Gaia Sky. This file is in the YAML format and is located in $GS_CONFIG/config.yaml (see folders). The default config.yaml file in our code repository is annotated with comments describing each setting. Some settings can’t be modified from the user interface within Gaia Sky, but still can be edited in the configuration file itself. A double colon :: in the list below indicates nested settings.

  • data::skybloxLocation – contains the location of the default skybox used for reflections.

  • scene::fadeMs – how long does the fade transition last when changing the visibility of objects or types, in milliseconds.

  • scene::star::textureIndex – the index of the texture used for stars.

  • scene::octre::maxStars – the maximum number of stars loaded at any single time for LOD catalogs.

  • scene::initialization – contains the lazyTexture and lazyMesh properties, which enable the lazy initialization of textures and meshes respectively.

  • program::minimap::inWindow – enables the rendering of the mini-map in a window.

  • program::net – this group contains the configuration of the REST server, as well as the master-slave infrastructure. Find more information in the connect instances section.

  • program::scriptsLocation – default location of script files in the file system.

  • program::url – contains the URLs for the version check ,the data repository mirror and the data descriptor file.