Package gaiasky.util

Class MusicManager

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MusicManager extends Object implements IObserver
This guy is in charge of managing the music playlist and actually playing the sounds
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • MusicManager

      public MusicManager(Path[] dirs)
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public static void initialize(Path... folders)
    • initialized

      public static boolean initialized()
    • dispose

      public static void dispose()
    • start

      public void start()
    • isPlaying

      public boolean isPlaying()
    • getPosition

      public float getPosition()
      Gets the current play position in seconds
      The play position in seconds
    • getVolume

      public float getVolume()
    • setVolume

      public void setVolume(float volume)
      Sets the seeker of this music manager. The seeker must be given in the range [0,1] with 0 being silent and 1 being the maximum seeker.
      volume -
    • next

      public void next()
    • previous

      public void previous()
    • playPauseToggle

      public void playPauseToggle()
    • pause

      public void pause()
    • play

      public void play()
    • reload

      public void reload()
    • notify

      public void notify(Event event, Object source, Object... data)
      Description copied from interface: IObserver
      Event notification call.
      Specified by:
      notify in interface IObserver
      event - The event type.
      source - The source object, if any.
      data - The data associated with this event.