Gaia Sky Javadoc

The main package of the project.
Contains utilities to load different kinds of data.
Contains the API for the Gaia Sky data package.
Data loaders and providers pertaining to particle and star sets.
Abstraction layer and implementation of data reader utilities.
Data loaders, writers and providers related to orbits and trajectories.
Utilities for the data package.
Contains the main entry point of Gaia Sky, plus support applications that need to be run in a standalone fashion.
Contains small standalone applications to perform various housekeeping and testing tasks.
Contains everything relative to the event manager.
Contains the classes relative to the graphical user interface.
Classes modeling the different entries in combo boxes.
The different components in the control panel.
The minimap functionality.
User interface code specific to virtual reality.
Contains all the input listeners.
Render systems and processes.
Interfaces pertaining to the render module of Gaia Sky.
This package contains all render mode implementations.
Contains all render systems and other classes doing rendering work.
Implements the REST server, providing access to the scripting API via HTTP.
Contains all classes and utilities directly related to the scene, the scene graph and the entity-component-system.
Contains the API for the scene module.
API and implementation of the different cameras in Gaia Sky.
Contains all components in the ECS.
Components without any data, used to mark, or tag, entities.
Utilities related to different entity types.
Contains components which combine data and logic, and do not adhere to the standard ECS structure.
The scripting API and its implementation.
Some test utils.
Contains various utilities to achieve different tasks that do not fit in any other package.
This package contains an implementation of body ephemeris based on Chebyshev polynomials.
This package contains an implementation of VSOP2000.
Utilities adapted from the Libgdx project, usually extended to include more capabilities.
This package is part of the gdx-gltf ( library, under the APACHE 2.0 license.
Contains the implementation of the VR capabilities of Gaia Sky.
Contains the implementation of the OpenXR driver, utilities and model.
The input model of OpenXR.
Contains the OpenXR actions in Gaia Sky.
Contains the OpenXR action sets in Gaia Sky.