Class RotationComponent

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RotationComponent extends Object implements IUpdatable<RotationComponent>
  • Field Details

    • angularVelocity

      public double angularVelocity
      Angular velocity [deg/hour] around the rotation axis.
    • angle

      public double angle
      Current angle with respect to the rotationAxis in degrees.
    • period

      public double period
      The rotation period in hours.
    • axialTilt

      public double axialTilt
      Angle between equatorial plane and orbital plane in degrees.
    • inclination

      public double inclination
      Angle between orbital plane and the ecliptic in degrees.
    • ascendingNode

      public double ascendingNode
      The ascending node in degrees, should not be used, as it obviously causes the body to wobble.
    • meridianAngle

      public double meridianAngle
      The meridian (hour) angle at the epoch J2000.0, in degrees
  • Constructor Details

    • RotationComponent

      public RotationComponent()
  • Method Details

    • setPeriod

      public void setPeriod(Double rotationPeriod)
      Sets the rotation period.
      rotationPeriod - The rotation period in hours.
    • update

      public void update(ITimeFrameProvider time)
    • setAxialTilt

      public void setAxialTilt(Double f)
      Sets the axial tilt, the angle between the equatorial plane and the orbital plane.
      f - Angle in deg.
    • setAxialtilt

      public void setAxialtilt(Double f)
    • setAngle

      public void setAngle(Double angle)
    • setInclination

      public void setInclination(Double i)
      Sets the inclination, the angle between the orbital plane and the reference plane
      i - Inclination in deg.
    • setInclination

      public void setInclination(Long i)
      Sets the inclination, the angle between the orbital plane and the reference plane
      i - Inclination in deg.
    • setAscendingNode

      public void setAscendingNode(Double an)
      Sets the ascending node.
      an - Angle in deg.
    • setAscendingnode

      public void setAscendingnode(Double an)
    • setMeridianAngle

      public void setMeridianAngle(Double ma)
      Sets the meridian angle.
      ma - Angle in deg.
    • setMeridianangle

      public void setMeridianangle(Double ma)
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • copyFrom

      public void copyFrom(RotationComponent other)
    • updateWith

      public void updateWith(RotationComponent object)
      Specified by:
      updateWith in interface IUpdatable<RotationComponent>